Remember Me Soup at Hangover Meals RM Station, NHA, Cagayan de Oro

If there’s one Filipino food or dish that I would recommend for tourists to try, it would definitely be Remember Me Soup–the all time fave soup of Filipinos. Since soups and broths are a staple in Filipino cuisine, it’s no wonder why a bowl of steaming hot, homemade soup like Remember Me is always part of our cravings.

Hangover Meals RM Station

Also known as Soup No. 5, it is a simple soup dish commonly served in carenderyas just along the streets. It is a broth made of bovine innards, tendons and private parts either from a bull or usually from beef. It is also believed to have aphrodisiac properties thus, named as Remember Me because it’s something you can’t forget or has also been a thing for hangovers’ cure to remember what they did the night before (Whatever, haha).

Hangover Meals RM Station

Located at Phase 1 NHA, beside their basketball court is a humble store that bears the name of Hangover Meals RM Station. The name can be decieving letting you think that it’s open until late night since it’s for hangovers but they are only open from 8am to 8pm, Mondays to Saturdays except on Sundays or Holidays.

Hangover Meals RM Station

How to get to Hangover Meals RM Station NHA

Stop at Jollibee NHA Kauswagan, ride a trisikad going to phase 1 and just say you’re heading to RM station nearby basketball court.

Look at those balls.hehe Unfortunately, I couldnt dare myself eating the Soup #5 with all the visible private parts but only the mild plain RM as what I term it.hehe However, the dish that I always order from Hangover Meals RM Station is bulalo which costs P50 and if I am out of budget, it’s gonna be their RM local since it’s only P30. The taste? It’s everything. There’s nothing this delicious and comforting soup that can’t fix plus the spring onions lurking in, everything is perfect.

The place is kinda open and with the kind of weather we have plus the hot soup, expect for a warm and sweaty experience. Better wear warm clothes when going here.

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