Primavera City: Living in Italian Elegance

When asked about Italian Elegance, three things always come to my mind: (1) a reflection of the sleek, clean-lined Milan appartments (2) the rustic, terra cotta-colored villas of the Tuscan countryside (3) an elegant, historical Florentine home. These lead me to a conclusion that Italian design like the country’s history is marked by a regionalism that breeds eclecticism, diversity and an artistic sentiment that favors experimentation.

Architect Romolo V. Nati brings Italian elegance to life in his upcoming project, Primavera City. The next Filipino homes with European flair for both design and comfort at the Uptown of the Golden City of Friendship, Cagayan de Oro.

Nati said Primavera City is envisioned to be another IDC award-winning sustainable-development project, with its passive green features, such as increased natural ventilation, shaded façade and semi-transparent photo-voltaic panels covering the amenities located on the rooftop, among others. The project has been recognized as highly commended condo by the Climate Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network (CTIPFAN) in Singapore in 2014.

Two things that make Primavera Residences unique: sustainable architectural design and energy efficiency features based upon the analysis of wind flow, solar positioning and the local climate. These are homes designed for maximization of available natural light in an area including the cool breeze that helps keep homes cool, minimizing the need for air-conditioning units.

What makes Primavera City different is the fact that behind its admiringly Italian elegance lies a purpose for its construction. No matter how we appreciate beautifully designed buildings, but if but if the design does not serve any other purpose beyond what it is essentially built for, then the building would be just another ordinary structure.

As the cliché goes, there is more to Primavera City than what meets the eye.