#makeITsafePH Self-Managing Online Behavior: Think Before You Post

It’s undeniable that social media has already been part in our lives. In fact, most people use it daily while some can’t even survive a day without it. It’s the most accessible digital platform where we use to stay in touch, find people who have common interests and passion and even to finish work tasks or school homework. In addition, it’s the easiest way to hurt other people online by not thinking before you post including you as the publisher as you can damage your own reputation in the process.

Globe Telecom #makeITsafePH

Here in the Philippines, Globe Telecom takes it upon itself to ensure that the society as a whole remains safe from numerous threats facing everyone using the internet. This widespread use of the internet gives rise to the emergence of internet-related crimes such as rape, theft,  bullying and piracy which made the public, especially the youth, very vulnerable. This concern gave birth to the #makeITsafePH campaign under its CyberPinoy cyber wellness program to avoid becoming a victim and at the same time to educate the public about proper online etiquette so that they would not become a source of such deplorable behavior.

Your Responsibility

The one thing that is easily forgotten online is the reputation that each and everyone should uphold whether you are already working or still a student, an out of school youth or a freelancer. Whether or not you’re on work or school premises, whether or not your post is directed at another student or workmate, or whether or not it’s actually related to the institution in any way doesn’t actually matter. Always remember that in one way or another, you represent the company or school you are affiliated. The best question to ask yourself is:

Can I possibly say or do this to the person face to face?

If the answer is NO, then it’s probably not okay online either.

Any post that is considered rude, offensive, gossip or rumour-spreading, racist, sexist, homophobic, belittling, bullying or harassing, threatening or unwanted by the recipient are not acceptable even when you share, ‘like’ or tag other people in posts like this.

‘Liking’ a page just to see what happens there might seem harmless, but gives bullies a voice and can also give friends and prospective employers the impression that you endorse the content. Facebook even shows some of your ‘likes’ to people who aren’t yet connected to you. Give it a pass.

What You Can Do

It’s acually easier said than done but the least thing you can do is to be good, be respectful and be kind. Let us all contribute to a community on social media where we all want to work, study, live and play, where we look out for each other.

Think Before You post

Anything that is published online remains public for a long time even if it is deleted seconds after being published. It can either be replicated or shared beyond the original intended audience and can even reach to people who are not supposed to see it or view it out of the context.

You should be aware that according to the terms and conditions of some third-party sites, the content you create is the property of the site where it is posted and so may be re-used in ways which you had not intended. Before you post to a social media site you should understand the tool or platform you are using. It is recommended that you read the terms of service and user guides and look through existing content to get an idea of the posting etiquette and any cultural and behavioural norms associated with the social media platform you intend to engage with.

Be aware that nowadays, employers already do web checks prior your job interview so if you want to give yourself the best chance at a successful career, think before you post.

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