Live Brighter by Becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Financial advisor may sound intimidating but it’s just the title. Whether you’re looking for another source of income, a part-time job perhaps or a business or you’re a work-at-home mom, freelancer or just graduated last month, in Sun Life, bigger prospects awaits as long you have the will to succeed.

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Grand Sun Life #LiveBrighter Forum

Last April 28, 2018, A Grand #LiveBrighter forum took place at Mallberry Suites Business Hotel where financial advisors themselves share their knowledge not just about the Sun Life products but their experiences as well showcasing their skills on what it takes of becoming a Sun Life Financial Avisor.

Live Better by Becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Before proceeding to the main points of becoming a Sun Life Advisor, below are a few words from the Sun Life Financial Advisors invited during the talk.

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  • Running 8 years as Financial Advisor, she opens up on Financial Fulfillment…

    Even before she became a Sun Life Financial Advisor, she already had a client who was the very person who persuaded her to beccome one. But that doesn’t stop there since it was also one of her biggest sales since the whole family got an insurance. She added,

    My long years of teaching couldn’t even provide the same earnings I had that time.

  • Started part time but took a turn and became full time…

    Being a financial advisor is challenging but not boring compared to companies that tasks can become a routine.

    She added that it was all worth it because the paycheck is great which a one month salary from a day job can be easily achieved in 15 days in Sun Life. And she was just starting that time.

  • To those who are taken aback due to huge quota, she clarified…

    They term it as “Validation”, targeting sales of 180,000 annually to be able to make use of the license and maintain the benefits. The good news is that during the first year of using your license as Financial Advisor, there is still no validation.

    The 180,000 year sales can even be achieved by those who aren’t that focused.

Why Be a Sun Life Advisor?

  • It is rewarding in compensation and generous in time.
    As a Sun Life Advisor, your earning potential is limitless and you can also enjoy flexibility of time.
  • It allows you to see the world.
    A job well done is rewarded with a trip to exotic continents and exciting destinations.
  • It’s a noble and fulfilling profession.
    You can make a positive difference in the lives of others by helping them fulfill their financial goals.
  • Sun Life is a professional agency with a bright legacy.
    You can shine your brightest because you are with a good company. Sun Life is the number one and the longest-standing life insurance company in the Philippines.

How to #LiveBrighter

  • Balance your time between work and passion.
  • Get in the business of helping people.
  • Fulfill your dreams and look forward to a brighter future.
  • Be a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

To Embrace the Brighter Life and finally becoming a Sun Life Advisor, please take time to visit their website for more information and details or call (02)849-9888 or 1800-10-5UNLIFE (PLDT domestic toll-fne).

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