KZ Tandingan Sings Rolling in the Deep Live For the First Time in CDO

Not everyone know that KZ Tandingan did not sing her contest piece, “Rolling in the Deep” for the first time in Singer 2018 China Show because the original cover was performed live on Wish 107.5 Bus way back 2016. However, last night during #VIVOxTJxKZ concert, KZ Tandingan performed “Rolling in the Deep” Live For the First Time in Cagayan de Oro after her winning moment in Singer 2018.

Apart from seeing the real-life couple, TJ Monterde and KZ Tandingan perform together live on stage, there is definitely one thing Kagayanons would love to hear. Coming fresh from China Singer 2018, it would be the perfect time to get to see her performance once again live on stage.

kz tandingan

As KZ sang one song after another, Kagayanons didn’t easily get their hopes down yet until the last song was finally revealed. Before TJ Monterde joined her on stage, KZ Tandingan finally sang her impressive rendition of Adele’s smash single, “Rolling in the Deep”. Kagayanons couldn’t even be lucky enough to be the first ones to get to hear it live on stage.

kz tandingan

Watch the video below as KZ Tandingan Sings “Rolling in the Deep” Live For the First Time in CDO #VIVOxTJxKZ Concert.

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