Katas Ng Balot: Balot Vendors in CDO Witness Daughter Graduates in USTP

Here is an inspiring story of parents who are both balot vendors whose hard work were able to witness their daughter graduate from college.

Jessa Felisilda Bacarrisas, the proud daughter of her parents who are both balot vendors relates her story on Facebook.

Back in the day, she used to be confronted with questions, “Gabaligya ra ug balot ang inahan ug amahan kaya kaha nila pa skwelahon ang anak?” “Mahuman kaya na sya sa pag skwela?” (Do her parents who are balot vendors can actually afford to let her finish school?)

Fast forward today, Katas ng Balot as she described it, was the very reason behind her success in graduating College but admitted that the journey was never easy.

She proudly shares that since gradeschool, her father has already been selling balot. Her father doesn’t want them to experience his childhood of not finishing school, thus he makes sure to give them baon for school despite the fact that they only eat once or twice a day.

It was on her third grade when a news almost devastated their family when their father whom they depend on, the breadwinner got on an accident. From that on, she and her siblings have relied on picking trashes just to help their mother add on the budget. With their strong determination as a family, her father survived and a week right after discharge, he was back on the game.

She was first year in college when her mother started selling balot together with her father. From then on, they were able to eat 3 meals a day and have gone far of leting Jessa Felisilda Bacarrisas walk on stage for her graduation rites.

They can be found selling balot at Polymedic Medical Plaze, our suki. Here is a video of us eating balut with ate. Congratulations ate and kol. We’re proud of you and your daughter’s success!

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