Is Tortatelier Dream Cake Worth the Hype?

For someone who is totally not into sweets (me, actually) and who would prefer dark chocolate, trying out Tortatelier Dream Cake is definitely out of my league. Blame it to Facebook newsfeed! Seeing it all over Facebook and Instagram everyday was the very reason that made me jumped off my place and finally ordered one for myself.

dream cake

Tortatelier Dream Cake

Just basing from how a Tortatelier Dream Cake looks, the copper-tin can says it all that this dessert shop doesn’t have time to give you something cheap but quality. Once opened, cocoa powder dusting would freely welcome you. (Literally! It was only after we finished the cake when I noticed that cocoa dusts were all over my white uniform.) When you finally dig in, it’s showtime. The ganache will start to ooze plus the cake base is ultra-moist.

Tortatelier Dream Cake comes in three variants: Small size costs P250, Medium size for P370 while Quartz size which is the largest size costs P490.

How to Order Tortatelier Dream Cake?

  1. Add them at instagram @tortalier_cdo
  2. Send an order form (photo below) via ig dm
  3. Then, pick up your order at “The Happy Pig”, The Hive, Limketkai Arcade

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How to order?

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Tortatelier Dream Cake Delivery via Streetby App

If you want it delivered straight to your doorstep, they are now available in streetby app. However, orders should be made a day ahead and will be delivered the next day so, start saying goodbye to your spontaneous cravings.


Tortatelier Dream Cake Delivery via Angkas

It was Tortatelier themselves who gave us the idea to have it delivered via Angkas. Just make sure to pay first via BPI app (dm them @ig for their bpi account) before booking for Angkas and you are good to go. Watch the video below to have a feel of the whole dream cake experience.

The Verdict

I got the dream cake at the Hive Food Park, The Happy Pig so it wasn’t that frozen anymore but was a good thing since it made the ganache ooze as soon as I dug my spoon. The taste was definitely familiar like from a moist cupcake with overload gooey chocolate which I’m quite sure is the reason why it is so addicting. Super sweet!

dream cake

The second time I tasted it after the dream cake was left in the freezer for a couple days, it gave me a whole new experience. It literally turned out as an ice cream cake without the ultra sweet taste. This was the part for me that was addicting. Since it’s not that sweet anymore, I literally almost finished it in one sitting.

Is it worth the hype? Definitely! The price? Worth it! The chocolate is 100% quality.

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