Here’s Why Living in Primavera is the Best Place to Be

Forget Singapore, forget Hong Kong, living in Primavera Cagayan de Oro is the best place to be in right now–and 5 residents will tell you why.

We’ve all heard Cagayan de Oro City’s status and reputation as the country’s 2nd most competitive city today. In fact, it rose to another level after being adjudged as grand winner of the ‘Livable Cities Design Challenge’ initiated by the National Competitiveness Council and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It hasn’t only become a center of economic growth and foreign investments but has as well become a friendly neighborhood for expats and those living outside the city.

Charlotte Paner, Filipino–Nurse by profession

Charlotte emphasizes the importance of location.

We stay in the Primavera for almost 21 months. Truly Primavera is in the middle of everything.

Erlinda Dela Cruz, Filipino–Businesswoman

Erlinda recalls her hussband’s doubts on investing who invested in the end due to Primavera’s hassle free asset management.

At first my husband didn’t want to invest but upon learning about the hassle free asset management program, he finally got convinced and don’t want to invest more.

Olivia Gonzales, Filipino–Wife of an OFW

Olivia shares their fascination of Primavera’s green features.

Actually it was my husband who is an OFW, he was the one who decided to invest in Primavera because he likes the green features of the bldg well lighted, well aerated so it exudes a feature of a reduced energy and the passive friendly features which makes the building so unique among all developments of the city.

Robert Dinglasan, Filipino–Call center Manager

Primavera’s physical features, on the other hand, is what attracts Robert making it more appealing that any other condo units around the area.

I have always admired Primavera Residences’ physical features especially living at the peak of the uptown cagayan de oro made me even more comfortable than I am in the safest, cleanest and serene area in the city.

Ronal Hoffman, Australian–Retired educator

Ronal takes note about safety and profitability in which his investment has turly increased in value.

It’s great thing that I’ve invested in Primavera and it has been increased in value and that’s great news to me and other investors.

The way foreigners leave their first world countries for what Cagayan de Oro, Philippines has to offer whether for business or residing for good; us Filipinos, should as well find it in ourselves to see the beauty of living in Primavera the way they do.