Going Vertical: Top 5 Advantages of Living in a Condo

With the numerous high-rise residential developments now sprouting almost everywhere in the Philippines, real estate developers have since taken account the many strategies they need for their projects to stand out among the rest. Some would prefer to package their products as eco-friendly residences, putting emphasis on green living like Primavera City. Others may tap foreign endorsers or celebrities to increase market value.

Primivera City

Indeed, the standards of living have improved significantly over time but before we get into the details, let’s first discuss some of the advantages why a number of people prefer in going vertical.

1. Reduced Home Maintenance Costs

Maintenance would be probably the top advantage when living in a condo because someone does it for you. It simply reduces the headaches that come with home ownership and allows you to think on less stressful matters, thereby focusing on the important ones.

2. Security

Security is another major advantage in condos. Extra security is being stricly implemented; security guards are all over and only the person can gain access to your private entrance.

3. Location

Almost 91% of condos are located in census metropolitan areas, condos abound everywhere and can be found both in the suburbs or at the heart of the city. Primavera City, for example, that would soon rise in the uptown is located within major establishments: SM City, Schools, Church and etc.

4. Amenities

As mentioned in number one, now you have more time for leisure activities because maintenance on the exterior and common areas is all taken care of. Going to the pool for a swim, heading to the fitness centre for an aerobics class are just the few of the various ammenities being offered. In addition, hosting family events such as birthday parties, baby or wedding showers and etc. would just be a breeze because a party or function room is right within the building

5. A Social Setting

Going vertical means immersing yourselves in vertical communities where people get to know each other by meeting in the hallways, elevators and amenity spaces. From welcoming lobbies that become your second living room, to glorious terraces with barbecues, lounge seating and any number of other fabulous features, today’s condos are every bit a “home” as detached houses.

Are you now thinking of owning one?