First Batch of CDO River Rafting Guides Re-Training Course Starts

Philippine National Red Cross and the Task Force Rapids, a body created by the City Government to monitor Cagayan de Oro’s rafting industry following Balbin’s death have began the first batch of CDO River Rafting Guides Re-training course consisting 27 rafters and three from the City Tourism. A total of 90 rafters from 6 CDO River Rafting outfitters are expected to attend and finish the training until the end of July.

CDO River Rafting

City Tourism Consultant Dorothy Jean Pabayo said that this is TFR’s first step in training done by PRC and the International Rafting Federation subsidized by the City Government. This is intended the CDO River Rafting Guides to qualify for the IRF. Once qualified, they can go back to their operation.

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