Fake Taxi Spotted in Cagayan de Oro

August, just this year, Fake taxi was spotted somewhere in Luzon.

Fake Taxi in Cagayan de Oro

2 months after, another is again seen roaming around the streets, this time, in Cagayan de Oro. According to the source, the driver tried to back away as soon as he noticed the camera. Photo below was taken from a CDO based photographer.

Fake Taxi in Cagayan de Oro

As a heads up, Fake Taxi is a pornographic website originating from Europe. From the name itself, it follows the same concept of a taxi picking up female passengers but for the purpose of having sex inside the vehicle.

The episodes are scripted consisting of paid actors and actresses to do the act. This terrifies us the more as to what the real purpose of The Fake Taxis, roaming around our country, has for us. Do they have hired actors and actresses to do the scene as well or are they looking for young and innocent Filipinas to play as their victims?

The photo has not yet been confirmed if indeed, it’s true or the owner of the vehicle is just playing around using such sticker (but it’s sure not funny at all). But after 2 photos taken from around the Philippines, let this be a warning. Pornography is illegal in this country. Whatever the motive of the rumored Fake Taxis, you are at the wrong place. So, to all ladies especially students, be very careful now with the rumored Fake Taxi in Cagayan de Oro.


  1. Be careful if you see any Autobot or Decepticon stickers on cars because they could transform at any moment and start shooting lazer guns all over Divisoria. Also, if you see a Playboy bunny sticker on a car beware that it might take you to a mansion where Hue Hefner will ply you with a cosmopolitan and strip for naked swimming in his pool.

  2. It has been long existing here in the Philippines in different cities and they are using public cars and picking up young girls especially students to do the act and get paid.

  3. Spotted this fake taxi parked at the back of the city hall. Just this morning. May bike rack pang nakalagay sa likod ng puting Vios.

  4. Are you really serious about the idea that these guys owning this so-called FakeTaxi will pick up women and have sex with them inside the car?

    Oh wait, *SURPRISE* this is already happening here, it’s just not that they have actressess but they have Filipina women willing to do the act as long as they’re paid. This shouldn’t be a shocker if only people had to be observant of their surroundings, especially at night.

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