Boy Zugba Turns Santa During CDOBloggers’ Christmas Party 2015

Boy Zugba, CDO Bloggers 2015
CDO Bloggers Christmas Party 2015 was packed with fun games and prizes!

Boy Zugba, CDO Bloggers 2015

Boy Zugba, CDO Bloggers 2015
New set of CDO Bloggers officers for 2016!

A Merry Christmas, indeed to all CDO Bloggers members yet the question remains, “Asa man si Boy Zugba?”

Boy Zugba, CDO Bloggers 2015
Inside one of Boy Zugba’s function rooms

Who can expect the boy who can’t be found, Boy Zugba, is actually kind enough to host the CDO Bloggers’ Christmas Party last 2015?

Not sure if he disguised himself as one of the waiters but his presence can truly be felt in all the dishes served on the table.

Ga aZU aZU jd ang kalami.

First set of dish served, Barbecue, pork liempo and cheesy chorizo in bilao.

Boy Zugba, CDO Bloggers 2015

The cheesy chorizo was my bet.

And the highlight, this bagetz meal.

Boy Zugba, CDO Bloggers 2015

I rarely eat barbecue value meals nowadays due to fast food’s traumatizing fact that they grill ahead of time or cook on a stove not entirely giving you a memorable grilled barbeque experience.


However, Boy Zugba’s was a whole opposite story. The grilled chicken was so soft, it almost melted in my mouth. Plus the sauce with all the onions and tomatoes, I couldn’t ask for more. This whole experience is only for P99. (add P10 for unli rice and another P10 for iced tea), what are you waiting for?

Pansit Guisado, of course, should never be forgotten in a Filipino celebration.

 photo IMG_0215_zpszhd6wvqw.jpg

Saving the best for last, their leche fan uniquely contained in a cute bottle for P35. Cheers to that!

life itself is a proper binge so, cheer up for some dessert. #BoyZugba #cdobloggers #christmas2015

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Fast forward today! Boy Zugba is now turning 1 this coming Monday, February 8, 2016 for a chicken all-you-can treat for P295. Magkita kita ta!

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