Bean Voyage Selfie Coffee Lets You Sip Your Own Selfie

While most coffee shops are busy manipulating the milk foam of a cafe latte to create artistic portraits like leaves, teddy bears and etc, the newest cafe in town is taking it up a notch. Located at 27 Pabayo-Gaerlan St., Marfori Compound, Cagayan de Oro, Bean Voyage Coffee Roasters is now serving the ever first selfie coffee in Visayas and Mindanao where customers can literally sip their own selfies.

bean voyage selfie coffee
© Bean Voyage Facebook Page

They have a special machine that will allow you to turn your selfies into the foamy art piece topping your latte. So instead of drinking your sorrows, now you can drink your selfies. Why not?

How To Order a Selfie Coffee

1. Check out the Selfie Menu

bean voyage selfie coffee

2. Take a selfie

It doesn’t have to be necessarily inside the shop as long as it is square sized and of good quality. Maximum of 2 people per selfie.

3. Send your selfie to Bean Voyage Facebook Page

Send it along with your name.

4. Bean Voyage!

Wait for your selfie coffee to be ready for departure!

bean voyage selfie coffee

bean voyage selfie coffee

bean voyage selfie coffee

The process probably works the same as the photo cakes and cupcakes, in fact, it has a similar sweet taste from that of an icing. We ordered Non-coffee blends: Chocolate Mousse and Cherry Blossom, which actually taste good despite the overload sweetness. Other choices are their: Espressos, hot or cold flavored latte, antarctic coffee, non-coffee blends and hot or cold tea.



Bean Voyage travel themed cafe

Aside from selfie maniacs, travelers will also fall in love with Bean Voyage Coffee Roasters, thanks to the cafe’s travel-themed decor. Starting off with the familiar Airport Time Zone Wall Clock that welcomes you as you step inside, maps brochures are scattered on every table and adorn the walls even the menu gets the travel treatment that is written on a stamped-like passport–a definitely great stop for a traveler in Cagayan de Oro.

But our most awaited part is the departure as soon as customers step out the cafe. Look forward to it till you experience it yourself.haha

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