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Backyard Burgers CDO: The One Thing People Won’t Tell You

Finally, Backyard Burgers is back in CDO starting July 1 until July 6, 2014 at Punchbowl, Corrales. It is proudly Dabawenyo owned & operated showcasing gourmet tastin’ home-made burgers this side of the metro. For this year, they’re bringing a modern day “roadside” burger joint & bar concept.

Their question, “Can CDO welcome us as their own?”

Backyard Burgers CDO

The answer is pretty obvious.

Backyard Burgers CDO gets all the hype both online and offline. Their #BBCDO official hashtag never failed to inform the Kagayanons for their coming which speaks why the long line at Punchbowl, Corrales has been very consistent since Day 1 attracting a lot of attentions from passersby.

Now, who wouldn’t line for that? The backyard burgers look so perfect.

But What People Won’t Tell You

  1. Time
  2. I visited Backyard Burgers at Punchbowl July 1 at 8:30pm hoping to still get a burger 30 minutes before closing time. Unfortunately, they were already closed informing us the waiting period takes about 2-3 hours. It was impossible which I thought was just an exaggeration.

    So the next day, July 2, I arrived 6:30pm and the line was already this long.

    Backyard Burgers CDO

    Apology to the pictures taken since I haven’t brought my most decent camera.

    The long line is never a problem if the Backyard Burgers are worth it so, we waited.

  3. Time
  4. Time check, it was already 7:30pm, an hour has passed, we’re still in the line. Seems like we’re not getting nearer the counter until it was 8:00pm. That’s about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

  5. Time
  6. Finally, we reached the counter. But where’s the in-charge? At least it was only a couple of minutes. After ordering, “2 hours and 45 minutes waiting period” as the in charge informed us which is not something new anymore. He even asked us if we’re okay with it. For the fact that we’d waited this far, there’s no backing up anymore.hehe

    Backyard Burgers CDO

    So, we consumed the time for dinner, window shopping at the mall and sight seeing at Plaza Divisoria. Would you believe, we still got one hour remaining?

  7. Time
  8. We arrived at Backyard Burgers an hour earlier to get the burgers on time while it’s still hot. Much to our surprise, our order was already at the table to think that we’re ahead of the scheduled time. But I kept my hopes up to still feel some moist and a chance of “hotness” once I get hold of the paper bag but there wasn’t.

Backyard Burgers CDO

What I felt, dissapointed and teary-eyed.

Backyard Burgers CDO

The hype was everywhere from endless photos uploaded in Fb and the long line which people didn’t even care waiting, I was expecting for a whole Backyard Burgers experience. But to receive it cold like being left on the table for about 30 minutes, this must be the other side of the story, the one thing people won’t tell you.

Backyard Burgers CDO

Hussein Kebab Burger

Time, mentioned 4 times in this blog post, is obviously not the problem for everyone is patient enough just to taste the Backyard Burgers, one of Davao’s Best Burgers. With that, I think the customers in CDO all deserve for a memorable Backyard Burgers experience. And that doesn’t only limit to (a)its trademark hyped “delicious” or taste but as well include the (b)waiting period that should have not exceeded over 30mins and of course it’s so called (c)dignity when served that should be hot as soon as they come back and receive the paper bags.

Backyard Burgers CDO

Garshroom Bacon Burger

I’d still want to give it a try or a second chance but for the a total of 4 hours waiting, I think once is enough. Something like “At least I was able to try the hyped Backyard Burgers”.

How was yours?

But then, everytime I passed by Punchbowl, I can’t contain my eagerness to still try the burgers so I finally gave in for a second chance.