6 Non-Alcoholic Drinks that Actually Exist at Balbacue

Aside from water, soda and the likes, you can actually order a decent drink at Balbacue without the booze. Located at the most visited night spot in Cagayan de Oro at Lifestyle District, non-drinkers can possibly enjoy a booze-free night without picking up a souvenir hangover.

What to Order?


Coffee Monaco

For the coffee drinkers who takes life one frappe a day at their favorite coffee spot, Coffe Monaco topped with cherry and a biscuit is the best to try.

For those who just legally became an adult, you can start low with Frizzy Melon. It’s not an alcoholic drink but it’s amped up the same with the boozy drinks.

The Tropical Cyclone on the other hand will surely make you forget all about the cold weather. So, for the broken-hearted and the still-suffering-with-a-cold-heart, this might be the one you’ve been looking for to help you move on. Mango Lava flow is also a good alternative to see your cold feelings flow away.hahaha

For the chocolate and the strawberry lovers, Belgian Choco and Creamy n Glazed Strawberry is available to satisfy your cravings.

I’ve tasted all and everything’s worth to try. My fave is the Mango Lava flow. Try it, yourself!

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