5 Tips To Make the Most of Seda Centrio Thai Food Week

seda centrio thai food week

It’s Thai Food Week at Seda Centrio!

Thai cuisine is one of the most distinctive in the world with all its flavors and aromas. It can be hot and spicy, sweet, bitter, sour, or salty. Its distinctive qualities are characterized by the ingredients used, including lemongrass, lime leaves, mint leaves, garlic, chilli, and ginger, among many others. The special preparation process for herbs and spices gives Thai cuisine its unique (and colorful) flavors.

It is this characteristic that Seda Centrio Hotel’s in-house Chef Racel Aras wants Kagay-anons to experience.

For one week, diners of Seda Centrio’s Misto will get to enjoy a Thai food fest for only Php599 nett (inclusive of service charge and applicable local taxes). Chef Racel has prepared a unique menu that showcases not only the classic Thai favorites, but also some deliciously interesting creative fusion dishes. So, whether you prefer the hot and spicy Thai specialties, or the more modern culinary creations, you’ll find something to indulge in at the week-long food fest.

To help you prepare for Thai Food Week, here are some dining tips that can make your Thai cuisine experience more flavorful, sumptuous, and memorable:

  1. Start your meal with soup. Thai soups are full of color and flavor and can even be taken as a full meal.
  2. Choose spring rolls; puffed rice cakes; satay; hot and spicy or sweet, sour, and salty meat and herbal salad; curries; noodle dishes as these are the usual Thai table staples; and different varieties of dips. These dips are usually made from fish sauce, shrimp paste, garlic, lime juice, and chilies, among others.
  3. Pair single dish meals with rice, while spicy dishes are always taken with non-spicy or bland dishes to balance the flavors – and to do away with possible discomfort.
  4. Save the best for last–desserts! Thais love sweets, so desserts are a regular presence in any Thai food fest.
  5. Enjoy every bit of your Thai dining experience. Thai food dining is all about harmony; a harmony of flavors, colors, and aromas. It is a blend of the hot and spicy, and the sweet and the sour. It is a culinary adventure any food lover will enjoy.

Experience this flavorful adventure at Seda Centrio’s Misto for one week, starting today until the end of January. The Thai dinner buffet will open at 6pm all the way until 10pm.

Seda Centrio Hotel is located along Corrales Avenue, right in the heart of the Centrio Ayala Mall community. Misto Restaurant is at the 4th floor of the hotel.

For inquiries and reservations, please call 088-323 8888 or 0917-577 5910.

Taan hâi a-ròi, everyone! Happy eating!

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